When it’s all going well, it’s great, but all too quickly, one wrong move or lack of concentration can be extremely hazardous.

I’ve been reminded recently just how easy it is for an #RBL to take their focus off of the job at hand and how fast things change.

Complacency, distractions, sickness, tiredness and boredom (yes I said it), can all have an impact causing an almost immediate impact on the business and sales performance.

As a very blunt rule of thumb, most businesses run with 10 months GP/NFI paying the bills and 2 months making up the bosses income! (It’s crude but hang in there)

This rule means if the business has a shocker that’s a 50% impact on the Boss’s income! (See now it makes sense!)

So if a Boss relaxes and empowers other without the right supervision, direction and control and looks at a dashboard retrospectively rather than in real-time, the business will start to squeak and before you know it a quarter is lost!

So here are a few tips:

Staying focused can double your income without any dramas! It’s hard but nothing easy ever paid as well.