invest in me myself and i

People say it flippantly, but every day should be a school day. Thinking otherwise means you’re stagnating and destined to peddle the same old shit over and over again.

That doesn’t have to be the case. 

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With the support of experienced mentors and the people around you, recruitment leaders have the tools they need to capitalise on new trends and increase their market share.

Don’t believe me? Let me break down the benefits of investing in yourself.

Be open to training

I’m not just talking about qualifications here. I’m talking about anything that improves your capability as a leader. Training from a mentor. A few hours a month with a business coach. You should never see yourself at the peak of your operating power – you know what they say about those at the top. Instead, look for opportunities to develop every chance you get.

Let’s say you’re not confident with social media. Research mentors within the industry and make a note of what they’re doing. Consider courses that offer workshops or identify a coach who has a big following. If it takes an employee to recognise your weakness, it’s already too late – so be proactive.

Know your networks

Only heed counsel from your own voice, and you’ll turn into an echo chamber. But joining a group of like-minded individuals doesn’t have to be a backslapping exercise. It should provide an insight into what works for others as well as present an opportunity for referrals. A recruitment network keeps you plugged into industry news and legislation changes.

Even your personal network can become a treasure trove of resources. Friends in other sectors can advise you in areas of leadership or put you in touch with businesses looking for a recruiter with your niche skill set. Don’t limit yourself to your own expertise. Always be open to listening and improving.

Don’t forget the basics

Being a business owner leaves little room for self-gratification. Usually, in the early days, your self-esteem and business success tend to go hand in hand. That’s why it’s so important to focus on your wellbeing. Make sure you’re managing staff without your mood getting in the way and take the time to indulge your personal health.

The same is true of finances. Financial anxiety often leads to poor wellbeing. It’s a topic that needs to be talked through frankly and realistically, otherwise your business will start to nose-dive. Personal networks can help here, but pride often holds you back – making an investment in a third-party advisor all the more beneficial.

Start being selfish

I genuinely believe in the benefit of a mentor. I lovetennis, which is why I pay for a coach three times a week – ditto with golf. I know it makes me better.

Professionally, I’m still building my expertise and development practices from being part of the RDLC. Fact is, I’ve easily learnt as much as I have shared in order to remain on point. 

So, what’s the right self-investment amount? It’s subjective, but probably £20k/30k a year. £2k a month on making yourself better is nothing. Half a watch!

And one of easiest – and free – things you can do to support your learning is watch the new RDLC video Education Series running through August, intro below: