Whether you’re Serena Williams, Floyd Mayweather, Ben Stokes or Jessica Ennis-Hill, we all need training and we all need access to the best trainers!!

The RDLC has partnered with Trevor Pinder and Junction 9 Consulting, to do just that. You only need to search LinkedIn to see it’s already the best in class!

Concentrating on contract, temporary, permanent or consultancy? We have a program for you and your team, that will send your billings into orbit!

Here’s what some of our members have said about the training programs:


“Made Everything easy to understand, covered everything we didn’t quite grasp, covered every base.”  

“Best course and delivery of a course I’ve had since starting recruitment 15 years ago.”  

“Above and beyond expectations. Nuggets of wisdom delivered in an interesting, succinct and memorable way.” 

“Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed to not just achieve, but excel.”  

“Honestly can’t suggest an improvement, hugely informative and interesting.”  

“Has left me feeling incredibly motivated to get into the office and bill more money. I believe I can sustain my billings now, cheers Trev!” 

“Best course I have had, made a massive difference that you are still a recruiter.”  “I thought it would be like similar courses – Class room, but it wasn’t, I took a lot on board.” – Recruiter 15yrs experience. 

“Refreshed on things I had forgotten, brilliant new ideas and great motivation at the end.” – Recruiter 10yrs experience. 

“Brill guy, helps that Trev is a recruiter. Does the job and knows what it is like.” 

“Very relevant training, would be happy to recommend.” 

“What a great guy. Money well spent, it will be great ROI when implemented.” 

“I think the rest of the lads in the office would benefit from this course. I Will highly recommend you to my Director.”

Training: Junction 9 & RDLC

A partnership made in recruitment heaven!


10 people, 10 things, all to get to an extra £10K+ of monthly billings.

Aimed at consultants with a minimum of 6 months experience, this is an unbelievably powerful 2-day course will equip them with the right skills to add £10k per month to their gross margin. Interactive, relevant, sharp content for permanent, contract or search consultants


The Billing Manager role is recognised as one of the toughest roles in the industry, so why leave it to chance, give your billing managers all the tools they need to make you and them a success. An intensive 2-day course for those managing staff whilst also delivering against individual targets. This course is all about coaching to get outcomes – No fluff, just spot on stuff!


The Bespoke CEO Program is either a 1 day intensive, or a 2 day weekend retreat with peer-to-peer workshops. sessions will include:

• Strategy

• Planning & Forecasting

• Structure & Operations

• Infrastructure & Tools

• Process &Best Practice

• Blue sky & coaching

• New age marketing

• Now your culture can have strategy for breakfast!

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