You’re great at your job, right? Sure you are. But you COULD be better. A lot better. Because talent and tenacity aren’t enough. And even if you have a truckload of both, only elite training can take you and your business to the next level.

Business is like sport – behind every winner, there’s an inspirational coach and a finely-tuned training schedule. That’s why RDLC has partnered with Trevor Pinder – the recruitment sector’s stand-out sales training guru.

Working in partnership with Trevor, we’ve created a series of game-changing programmes designed specifically for business leaders, billing managers and front-line recruiters. So you can work on your weak spots, supercharge your strengths, and send billings into the stratosphere.

J9 Online

J9 Online (>) is the recruitment world’s leading online training platform. At the time of writing there are over 200 specially designed training videos on the site, purely aimed at making your recruiters better. It is also worth mentioning that Trevor is still a “live dog” in the market in as much as when he is not delivering training, he is still a high performing recruiter. This means that all of the content on J9 Online is totally up to date and is currently working in today’s marketplace.

The platform itself covers everything needed to be successful from rookie to principal consultant level and with further releases planned this year around rookie induction, team lead and RBL it really is the solution that will improve everyone in your business!

Please go to for more info.

One Day Training Seminars

H2 of 2020 will see the return of the very popular 1 day training seminars. These are run by Trevor in London (he is happy to deliver these anywhere depending on demand). Details of upcoming topics below:

Build your Contract Book – This session covers everything you need to increase your weekly contract. We look at the identification of high class contractors and hot prospects. We then move on to engaging with both in several different ways to win more contract roles. To finish the session we role out a methodology to get your contractors hired before they even get interviewed!

The Perfect Perm Consultant – Want to consistently bill more perm revenue? Then attend this one dayer. At this session we will show you how to attract and engage the passive candidate market and all of the techniques needed to acquire new clients in the new recruitment world. We finish the day by looking at how to qualify a perm job to guarantee that you fill it!

The Billing Manager’s Toolkit – So often we promote consultants to a managerial role without giving them the tools to be successful. This course introduces them to the toolkit necessary to be a great billing leader. In detail, we look at time management, coaching, driving peak performance and managing difficult situations. The delegates walk away with plenty of simple methodologies and tricks that they can use immediately to improve both their own and their team’s performance.

The Plus 10

The Plus 10 was the first course that Junction 9 released in conjunction with the RDLC. For 2020 we have modernised it and bought it back with a bang!

The premise is simple. We put 10 consultants in a room for two days. We train them in 10 separate elements of the job. When they go back to their desks and execute against the 10 elements then their billings increase by £10k per month.

We will be running course monthly and it will alternate between the Plus 10 Perm and the Plus 10 Contract .

Individual agency training

Trevor makes time in his diary every year to engage – exclusively – in daily boardroom sessions with individual RDLC agencies. To date he has trained over 70 RDLC businesses and over 95% of them have asked him to come back and do more. Sessions include:

The sessions above are just a snapshot of what Trevor can deliver. Please contact him on to find out more.

Leadership Buffet

We’ve developed an amazing range of methods to develop recruitment leaders, captured here in our Leadership Buffet animation:


“Made Everything easy to understand, covered everything we didn’t quite grasp, covered every base.”

“Best course and delivery of a course I’ve had since starting recruitment 15 years ago.”
“Above and beyond expectations. Nuggets of wisdom delivered in an interesting, succinct and memorable way.”
“Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed to not just achieve, but excel.”
“Honestly can’t suggest an improvement, hugely informative and interesting.”
“Has left me feeling incredibly motivated to get into the office and bill more money. I believe I can sustain my billings now, cheers Trev!”
“Best course I have had, made a massive difference that you are still a recruiter.”
““I thought it would be like similar courses – Class room, but it wasn’t, I took a lot on board.” – Recruiter 15yrs experience.”
“Refreshed on things I had forgotten, brilliant new ideas and great motivation at the end.” – Recruiter 10yrs experience.”
“Brill guy, helps that Trev is a recruiter. Does the job and knows what it is like.”
“Very relevant training, would be happy to recommend.”