ready to innovate

Recruitment is facing its biggest challenge: shifting from bums on seats to consultancy. This is not evolution, but revolution, and as a business leader, you need to embrace where the market’s going and adapt to Business 3.0.

We’re not the only ones going through this transition. Everyone’s having to compete online and adjust to modern customer needs. The point is figuring out what this looks like for recruitment.

In order to innovate, don’t listen to old hacks (we don’t). They offer nothing to recruiters and only end up giving themselves a pat on the back. Instead, think outside the box, learn from allforward-thinking companies and build genuine solutions to customer issues…

Don’t focus on the past

There’s very little we can learn from other people’s stories in recruitment. In fact, as far as the Pirates are concerned, hearing how someone got a Porsche after six months of trading (10 years ago!) doesn’t excite our members – that’s just LinkedIn fodder.

That’s why Dean and I have always championed the aggressively disruptive, regardless of industry. We get it. Business leaders who lean upon academic theory and blend that into their practice are useful – not dinosaurs unfamiliar with today’s challenges.

Look to the business anthropologists, web psychologists, automation experts and futurologists. These guys are saying the things that reallychange the way you work. And I guarantee that your competition won’t be identifying these trends till much later.

Challenge the theory

Success in recruitment doesn’t equate to the number of business books you’ve read. At RDLC, we expose the often contradictory theories and debunk the myths that overcomplicate them. It’s also important for leaders to recognise useful ideas outside of their sphere, gaining a clear understanding of actionable insights in the wider world of business.

We want to see individuals transform ideas they’ve come across and use them as a springboard for success. In fact, this approach to learning is exactly the style we encourage and highlight at our Global Recruitment Summit in Ibiza. The themes we cover there match movements in our members’ businesses. It’s designed to help the network embrace change and self-regulate. 

None of the above means that our members aren’t innovative on their own accord. In fact, many recruiters don’t give themselves enough credit for their forward-thinking approach. We’re already successful cash cows with a meritocratic structure. We now need to keep seeking business betterment.

And that comes from networking. Organisations want recruiters in the room because we’re agile and do things right. Recruitment business leaders can add value to other networks and gain insights from them to impact their company.