The Global RDLC Network

With a network spanning almost every time zone on the planet, and major hotspots in Europe, Asia and the US, RDLC provides strategic support to three distinct types of member.

UK-based firms – helping Pirates to co-ordinate and execute successful expansions into high-value overseas territories.

Non-UK members – enabling overseas recruiters to deploy the RDLC armoury so they can beat the local competition.

International agencies – facilitating rapid and cost-effective start up for overseas firms seeking to break into the UK market.

UK Based Members

Building an overseas operation can be highly profitable, but without the right advice and support it’s a high-risk venture. RDLC de-risks international expansion by giving members access to strategic intelligence across multiple high-value regions – so you can make optimal decisions about when, where and how to move. And when you do, local intel plus access to RDLC’s global partners will help you launch successfully and deliver ongoing growth.

Every mission into unknown territory needs an experienced local guide, and with RDLC at your side, you’ll be able to navigate your target region’s legal, payroll, technological and compliance frameworks. And by leveraging the knowledge and know-how embedded in RDLC’s global network, you can apply international best practice developed by peers who’ve already been, seen, done.

Overseas Members

International Lite Membership equips overseas recruiters with game-changing features like our 24/7 WhatsApp communities, live webinars, plus direct access to RDLC’s co-founders. By connecting with the global RDLC network, members can collaborate with other international players – to test new strategies in parallel markets… to share and extend the limits of best practice… to collectively out-innovate the competition.

Of course, we appreciate that our overseas members may not be able to enjoy our packed programme of events (although it’s not unknown for international Pirates to fly in for lunch), so Lite Membership comes with lite pricing.

International Brands Entering the UK

The UK recruitment sector offers rich rewards for successful firms, but it’s a fiercely competitive environment that presents newcomers with diverse challenges. So RDLC membership is a massive value-add for international agencies seeking to break into UK markets.

Discounted supplier deals allow incoming agencies to reduce set-up and operational costs. And expert advice – on everything from marketing, to compliance and tax & employment law – gives members a vital edge over the competition. Plus new firms can mitigate risk by gaining insights from the sector’s leading players.


Our Animated Guide to Globalisation