personality in business

If you have seen Split, you will know all about the power of personality – multiple ones too. But in recruitment, all you need is one good one.

If you Google the personality traits that recruiters need, you will be met with dozens of articles saying you need things like resilience, grit, honesty, resourcefulness, and empathy. This is all very unfortunate considering how long the waiting list is for people in need of personality transplants.

Your company’s personality as recruiters is critical to your business success. But, your personality is what you have been dealt. Yes, it can be enhanced, and you can improve on the traits that you supposedly ‘need’ to be a better recruiter. But, someone who is a logical, reason-based thinker doesn’t suddenly become an empathy-based and emotional decision maker overnight. Your inability to suddenly change aspects of your personality doesn’t mean you can’t be a great recruiter. The most important thing to remember when it comes to personality and recruitment is to HAVE ONE.

Differentiate your company by being yourself

We have already spoken about the importance of the human face of your business to help you obtain the best candidates. Almost two-thirds (61%) of job candidates would rather in-person interviews than digital recruitment methods. If you want to bring them on board, they need to get you. What can your company offer them that other recruiters can’t? What makes you the best choice? What are your business values?

There is no better way to portray this than through your company’s personality, which should trickle down throughout the rest of your company. It should be your unique selling point – the thing that makes you different. Most people have others that like them, and some that don’t. Maybe they find them too bold, too timid, or too dull. It’s the same with your recruitment company, but by showing your personality, you can guarantee at least some will like you, and a lot will reallylike your company.

This makes you the go-to recruiter for those candidates that share your values and ways of working. Recruitment isn’t Pokémon. You can’t catch them all, which means the candidates you do connect with, need to be worth your company’s time, and you, theirs. Making your personality your unique selling point means that the best candidates for your business come to you. Once they do, you will be able to relate to them, get the most out of them, and understand what they want much easier.

Be sure of who you are

In a changing industry, that is becoming more focused on technology, recruiters are too eager to increase productivity, efficiency, and everything else that can get them better profits. But they are beginning to neglect the fundamental human face of recruitment. Big mistake.

When you need your company to be relatable online, or on social media, and be approachable to new candidates, how will you distinguish yourself in a saturated market with a dead business persona? The answer is simple; you won’t. Personality is essential when meeting people face-to-face, as well as online, and your brand needs to be consistent, not like a scene from Split. A charming business leader in real life needs to be just as lovely online otherwise one of those situations is going to look fake and forced. There go your likability and candidates.

These are just small factors that agencies need to consider if they want to give themselves a winning edge. Personality is critical, but it’s not about what personality you have, it’s whether you have one at all and whether your clients can see it and relate to it. If they can, you are creating a business that is sure of itself and will prosper in this industry. If you don’t have the best business personality, it’s time to do what you do best, and hire someone that does to work for you.