Why be a Pirate?

By bringing Pirates together as friends rather than rivals, we create a climate of co-operation that promotes cross-fertilization of ideas and insights. And when energized, innovative entrepreneurs collaborate, remarkable things start to happen.

New ideas are discussed openly… analysed… incubated… producing disruptive strategies that enable Pirates to outgun the competition.

In just a few short years, RDLC Pirates has grown into a wonderfully diverse community of likeminded recruitment leaders who pull together for the benefit of themselves and the entire Pirate crew. And who delight in celebrating each other’s success.

But what does success look like? Bottom line is that average ROI on RDLC membership is 1400%.

That’s what Pirate’s success looks like.

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Premium Suppliers

RDLC's Timeline

8 recruitment CEOs do lunch and share issues
Aug 2013
14 CEOs book a fine dining room, do lunch and talk issues
Nov 2013
RDLC is incorporated and the first Recruitment Directors ‘only’ network is formed
Feb 2014

25 CEOs Fine dine with an agenda and Bullhorn as first prospective supplier

Mar 2014
65 CEO members lunch dates booked for 12 months, training courses and 10 suppliers
Dec 2014
RDLC Launches their first awards with 150 attendees at the Hippodrome London
Jan 2015

RDLC launches their first summer party and takes over Home House

Jul 2015
Finish the year on 80 members and hire our first team member
Dec 2015
Café de Paris awards, summer party on the Thames, the inaugural Ibiza conference and 90 managers on training

125 CEOs members, 250 at awards, 150 at Kensignton roof top, 74 in Ibiza with Merryn Somerset-Webb opening the show!!

175 CEO members, 300 at awards, 150 Club Tropicana, 100 in Ibiza and 600 at Battersea Evolution
200+ CEO members, 350 awards, 56 suppliers, 1000 consultants, managers & leaders trained to date, average 900% ROI and 125 in Ibiza… Plus Merryn goes for the Hat-trick opening for the 3rd time!
55 suppliers, 320 members, 1 Global Pandemic, 3 months in lockdown (and counting), 14 members reporting best ever months during lockdown, 40+ Webinar sessions for members to educate, motivate, & entertain
350 members, 60 suppliers, pandemic and lockdowns continue for much of H1 but as normality resumes in person events recommence. Majority of members report record performances with many focussing on setting up operations in the US.