The ‘Shift Right’ Principle

shift right principle

The ‘Shift Right’ Principle

shift right principle

Something I learned early on in my career was the importance of knowing one’s customers (yes, I said ‘one’s’!) – their drivers, their wants and their needs. Do this, and you build solutions that resonate, which makes them simple to sell and simple to deliver. So, as with everything we did, we named our clients ‘type’ on the CRM so as to target smarter!

For this piece, I was challenged to do a ‘show and tell’ with you regarding the RDLC’s Prospect & Membership Personas and explain our ‘shift right’ philosophy.

The four RDLC personas

Let me first introduce you all to the RDLC’s target audience:

shift right principle

This perfectly represents the Pirate family, and we love them all.

From left to right, along the way, these leaders need different things. Their priorities change. At the RDLC, we give them everything they need to shift right, further along their professional evolution.

Knowing where you are on this Darwinian map is important. So let’s examine each type more…

Sarah Start-Up

Everyone starts their Recruitment Business Leader (RBL) journey as a (Sarah) start-up, obviously…

But not all start-ups are totally disadvantaged. Some have access to insight and possess the know-how into setting up their FMB offices brilliantly and at enterprise-scale discounts. Some get the intel on how to get noticed and gain traction, and some get a sounding board to make the realisation that ‘this is bloody hard’ – or potentially not so!

(And remember: via the RDLC, you get all this for peanuts. If you opted for an investment partner, you’d be paying 50-90% of your business!)

Then we shift right->

Liam Lifestyle

Most make it to become a Liam.

Liam is cool – he does so much right, but he’s frustrated by a glass ceiling. His efforts aren’t getting the next meaningful step up that they deserve.

It’s that classic 10-person business blocker moment. It’s like he’s coming up against the Chicago Bears’ defence and just can’t seem to make the yardage, despite butting heads all game!

However, the RDLC can help with better practices, tools, innovation, intel, insights and ‘always on’ P2P support – all the things that, in reality, fire up every Liam to glide past any frightening defensive line.

#Touchdown! Nice work Liams!

Again, we shift right ->

Gordon Growth

It’s fair to say I love Gordons (and not the gin!). They’re developing brands that they are proud of, which in itself is a massively important ‘why’ (as Simon Sinek would say).

Gordons need to know that their processes, methods, measures and drivers are all great. Their results are bettering the average, and that performance isn’t just due to the market’s natural growth – Gordons are gaining market share!‍☠️

With real-life trends and performance data and analysis from respected friends (not blind industry censuses which are always shockingly wrong), together with the ability to talk to peers about the details in business, he can judge how and when to build out teams, markets and regions. This removes so much of the guesswork that results in burning profits.

Gordons have to be careful of spending too much money on hunches whilst ploughing on in the quest for a bigger footprint and market share. This is where the RDLC shines through, with unparalleled advice, experience and foresight that can make such ‘forward advances’ more effective.

So, with the right support, Gordons will again shift right ->

Elena Exit

Elena Exit is on a business trajectory to that elusive end game, but there are still lots of obstacles to overcome. Elena can’t become complacent – in fact, there is plenty of new learning to be done whilst keeping the plates spinning!

To achieve that irresistible exit £$€¥ number that she can’t say no to requires extra effort that no one ‘in the sales business’ sees.

Building succession and scalability, and becoming DD-friendly, robust and prominent with her brand value, are just part of the triggers that affect shareholder value. Elenas typically haven’t seen these challenges before, and dealing with them alone can often reduce their exit value as a direct result.

Elena needs help to make all the years of hard work pay off.

The RDLC offer this help. We have experience with every type of exit, every type of funding, and the vast majority of the ‘players’ (the M&A movers and shakers). The RDLC have the right provenance and network to make sure your end game ends very, very well!

Find where you fit in and start your ‘shift right’ journey

The RDLC take you as the RBL that you are today, and we commit to helping you shift right!

We’ve done it for ourselves, for others, and our members would agree. Now it’s your turn.

Take your business into a whole other stratosphere… Email to start shifting and receiving mentorship for the persona you’re moving toward, as well as who you are in this moment.

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