power of tribe

The Power of the Tribe

power of tribe

There’s an old saying that “One man cannot lift a house” meaning that one man cannot make the bricks, fire them in a kiln, transport them to the building site and then build the house.  Building a house is back breaking work but put the whole tribe on the job and that house can be built in a day!  

Clearly this is a very simple portrayal of the power of a tribe and even though we’re not in the business of building houses that doesn’t mean that we cannot harness the power of a tribe!  What the above example depicts is the power of collaboration, resource pooling and combine effort… starting to sound more familiar?

Your business is a tribe; in fact, the building blocks of any large human effort constitutes a tribe.  A larger business may even be a collection of tribes who support and advise each other, share, collaborate, pool resources, encourage and support, care for one another and celebrate one another. The language of the tribe develops as it forms.  From “Life sucks” via “I’m great & you’re not” to “We’re great” and eventually to “Life is great”*.

The most influencing factor on the success of a tribe is culture and tribal leaders will be creating a culture which allows them to guide their tribes through the stages towards the ultimate goal of “Life is great”.  At this stage tribe members are excited to be together, happy, inspired and genuinely committed to each other.

The power of a tribe is clear.  Now imagine the power of a Tribe of Tribes!  We give you the RDLC!  The epitome of a tribe the RDLC has fostered, and is protective of, a culture of respect, support, learning, care, advice, encouragement, celebration and authentic life long friendships.   Bringing together the CEO’s and owners of recruitment business around the world and sharing experiences, tools, suppliers and so much more the RDLC proves daily that whilst it may be tough at the top it doesn’t have to be lonely… not when you’ve a whole tribe supporting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  And we are ALWAYS excited to see one another!

Organisational culture is difficult to define and tricky to manage but there is no denying the powerful impact it can have on both your business performance and that of the individual tribe members.  People need meaning and purpose, there is a common desire to find meaning in and be brilliant at what we do.  When your culture fulfils these criteria, you’ll experience higher levels of performance. Culture is built on the shared values of the tribe and should reinforce the pursuit of the goal which they share.  Recent research by Deloitte concluded that “mission driven” organisations have 30% more innovation and 40% higher engagement – that’s big numbers, right?

So, what is Tribal Leadership?

Tribal Leadership focuses on language and behaviour within a culture and rather than looking to address the beliefs of the tribe, they listen for which culture exists and aim upgrade those tribes using specific leverage points*.

At the RDLC we are uniquely positioned within the recruitment arena to assist and guide you in the building and strengthening your own tribe – come and learn more about our tribe of tribes and how we can work for you! Email gg@rdlcpirates.com for more details.

* Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King and Hailee Fischer-Wright 

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