Take The Taste Challenge To Find A Group That Fits

board you can't afford

Take The Taste Challenge To Find A Group That Fits

board you can't afford

Joining a business network is one of the most significant things a rec leader can do. It gives us benchmarks, peers and advice to help understand what good looks like. Otherwise, how can you know if it’s youdoing well or if it’s just the marketplace? 

Networks make your business better day by day, week by week. Most sectors create communities to support industry success – some are pure associations that lobby on your behalf, while others add meaningful business to you as a boss.

The hard part is deciding which network suits you. That’s why we’re encouraging all recruitment business leaders to take the taste test. 

Shopping around

The ultimate goal is to find a group that fits with your psyche and business needs. If you’re aiming for growth, new markets or innovation, bear that in mind before settling on a network. You need support that helps you ratify decisions, so you don’t make the same old mistakes.

The ‘taste test’ is about shopping around to see what suits you. Trying different flavours is the only way of figuring out what gets the best results. At the RDLC, we encourage rec businesses to trial different networks. It’s the only way to recognise the difference between our approach and the standard.

Why the RDLC?

That’s where we come in. We don’t want every business to be vanilla, so we embrace the chemistry of the owner and the marketplace they’re in. We take your individualism and merge it with a winning approach.

Other networks have attempted to mirror our processes, but they don’t have the right suppliers. This restricts creativity and leaves their style rooted in the 80s. Some are nothing more than lobbying associations that focus on compliance – perhaps of use to your Head of Legal… but not you.

Next are social groups, which aren’t terrible, but are designed only to help you let off steam. Finding a balance is important. That’s why we build culture first and have fun second. We look outside to other sectors and those succeeding, lean against their understanding, and wrap that into recruitment. 

Avoid old-timer recruiters telling youhow to do it. That’s preaching and it’s useless in comparison to genuine insight and peer-to-peer support. No rec dinosaur is going to provide a custom framework you can apply to your business – instead, choose a network that works with your methodology.

Start your taste test

We work hard to make sure all RDLC members are actually engaged. Our network encourages fresh faces to bring new ideas and innovation to the group – so you’ll always find people with different views and expertise here.

Want to taste test our widely acclaimed network? Get in touch and trial one of our lunches. Become a Pirate over Easter, and there’s no joining fee.

Email: membership@rdlcpirates.com for more details.

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