RDLC’s Ibiza Conference 2019: Bringing Triple-AAA Lessons To Recruitment

ibiza conference AAA

RDLC’s Ibiza Conference 2019: Bringing Triple-AAA Lessons To Recruitment

ibiza conference AAA

We’ve hosted some amazing events over the years. One of them – our annual Ibiza summit – takes place on the 26-29th September. You can’t afford to miss it. There’ll be expert speakers, a constant stream of ideas, and the chance to network in the sun. 

The event is a high-point in our year. This time, we are basing it around the RDLC Pirates triple AAA rating – our values system for what you need to do, and aspire towards, as a recruitment business owner. 

Let us explain what triple AAA means and why attending the Ibiza conference is a must:

What are the three As?

Anything rated ‘Triple-AAA’ is first class. Recruiters should have the same stamp on their outlook and growth plans. These As are values we should all be aiming for:  

  • Aptitude – If you’ve managed to set up your own business, you’ll have natural talents already. People who step aside from the well-beaten path to run their own recruitment company have brains and tenacity. You want to do your best with the skills you’ve earned so far. 
  • Attitude – To turn aptitude into success, you need the right attitude. The attitude of our Pirates is second to none, and this shines through the ideas we choose to promote. Why you’re pursuing something comes before the how; our delegates want to revitalise their planning, ask questions, and learn from each other.  
  • Altitude– If you get the first two right, you’ll be destined for success. But with an army of people to help you every step of the way, you’ll accelerate growth and guarantee results. That’s where RDLC – and our infamous Ibiza conference – come in…

Why Ibiza? 

Our Ibiza 2019 event will bring recruiters from around the world together to share ideas, improve our business structures, and bring about incremental change. 

Now in its 4th year, what started as a fun business getaway has quickly become the unmissable date in the recruitment calendar. It gives us a place to learn, network and grow, which supercharges our ability to take in new perspectives.

Our speakers aren’t afraid to tackle controversy. In the past, topics have included A.I., commercial Darwinism, grassroots ownership, and breaking any barriers in your way. Eddie The Eagle has even graced the stage.

We’ll be discussing new markets, tech and developments, whilst having a great time in the Balearic sun. No one’s ever missed a talk or workshop because they’ve had too much fun the night before. People concentrate on the tough stuff, leave buzzing, and then come back the next day ready to go again. ‘Aptitude’ and ‘attitude’ have room to grow. 

This is when ‘altitude’ comes into play. Whatever happens in Ibiza doesn’t stay in Ibiza. We arrange lunches, meetings and other events within our network back on home soil, helping you make the right decisions and achieve your goals. 

Ibiza 2019: Get on board

This year, we’re hosting the RDLC Pirates Ibiza 2019 summit at the Hard Rock Hotel. There are two full days of speakers and workshops, with huge party for the finale. 

One of our star performers, Merryn Somerset Webb, is returning for the opening speech. As a well-known economist and Editor in Chief of MoneyWeek, we’re delighted to have her back to give a rundown of the year and share some essential stats and facts.

We’ll be announcing the full line-up over the coming months, but you can get a flavour of what to expect by taking a look at last year’s agenda. In the meantime, tickets are selling fast, so reserve your place today for the last weekend of September

The Triple-AAA rating is yours for the taking. 


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