productising is an art form

Early in my career, I recognised the value of solution selling and developing “products” in recruitment was, back then, truly stand out!

Midway through my career, I struck “productisation” gold, by leveraging a deal Bill Bottriell (god), did with paper advertising, and I started sourcing and delivering first-time contractors. 

Persuading businesses to employ “box fresh” but exceptionally qualified talent as 1st freelancers! was a skill. However, the way we wrapped it up into a product (service, solution, price), acted as a catalyst for substantial global growth.

“Game changer”

… this is what a product suite can deliver. But even if you simply just listen to your clients and candidates, you can raise your game and take your business to the next level without a major shakeup.

One of my pet hates is that, too often, people list what they can – supposedly – do, but deliver nothing with creativity or innovation #YAWN. 

Social media is full of empty promises about … developing services that are just boring iterations of what’s always been done; with just a cosmetic paint job!

My opinion? Recruiters should offer services that actually make them unique and embrace fresh ideas that position them as an answer to clients woes – especially if you’re a step ahead of them realising their real issue!

An insight into how:

Find a problem

Productising is a chance for you to be creative, different and new. Don’t list basic buying options; be compelling! Describe what you do best in a way that warrants your clients’ investment, trust and belief.

Think of your client’s challenge in a specific arena: the need to hire killer perm talent; to light up their dull employer brand or to deliver sophisticated and complex programs – not just hire warm bodies.

The list goes on, and talent acquisition partners (recruitment agencies as we were once labelled!) can deliver innovative fixes – way ahead or dry internal recruitment teams! 

There are loads of other benefits to presenting a “smart” product suite – internally, by pre-empting your client’s sales objections you’re on the front foot, where your staff can predict the challenges and perfect their pitches. This approach means you can train newbies to be brilliant faster, and it’s way more interesting than filling jobs, blah blah blah!

Market your solution 

Whatever your approach, if you can’t explain it, no one will buy it. You need to document your process. Again, if you can’t draw it, no one will be able to understand it – so be infographic-led in your comms.

Build and test your solutions, and then start shouting about them. Testimonials are okay but are only persuasive from leaders who are respected in your client’s niche. 

It’s the way you go about selling a product that matters, and aligning you, your brand and values. It’s a grown-up sales process but it’s marketing-driven. 

Once you’ve got your offering firmed up and everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet, engage with the broader market. 

Make sure the finished product suite POS is 100% right, in your tone of voice and pulls all the right buying triggers. Do not compromise!

This suite of products will give you amazing marketing content, event topics and a chance to really stand out. Create advocates (not the same as testimonials) and watch how this makes you fly.