Practice Makes Pitch Perfect


Practice Makes Pitch Perfect


Keep doing it right till you can’t get it wrong …

Practice pitching Mondays and Weds mornings religiously

I find it hard to understand that given it’s so much harder today to get to pitch people why businesses don’t make their people practice, practice, practice at them, so that when a recruiter gets a chance to convince anyone to our way of thinking they have it nailed!!

I’d do it with everyone, en masse at least 2x a week

If someone was late, did something daft I’d make them pitch in front of everyone – it builds confidence to do it well (nothing harder than pitching the office right…?!)

What to Practice..!

  • Engaging new clients “selling the brand”
  • Questioning and fact finding
  • Doing the “commercial reality” pitch to get retained
  • Selling products
  • getting interview “mornings” or that extra slot
  • Flipping to freelance
  • Getting a meeting (with agreement to a planned action)
  • Getting a candidate to be part of your “career driver” program
  • Selling candidate exclusivity
  • Winning an advocate

Or what is a bag of fun “objection handling”

I remember working with my CF team and the Directors being challenged to handle objections from the whole team!!

Objection : “I can’t work with you we have a PSL”

Lyric : “Thank the lord for that, for a split second I thought I wouldn’t be able to work with you …. by definition it’s only a preferred list, it’s those exclusive ones we have dramas with………”

Still makes my giggle!

3 Things to Master :-

  1. Compelling voice and email messages that MAKE 1 in 2 candidates / clients call you back ✔️✔️✔️
  2. How to present a CV without cut and pasting the same shxt that’s on the CV (MAKING IT A SALES DOCUMENT!!!!!)
  3. Winning 5 people as advocates who will drive your brand, tell your of opportunities or cheat PSL’s because the value and like you!!!!!

With all that’s going on with Tech & Automation YOU NEED TO DO THIS STUFF BRILLIANTLY ALSO

Practice – Practice – Practice

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