The power of personal

In the post-pandemic world, many firms are shying away from physical meetings. But our members have recognised that face-to-face communication is now more important than ever.

As recruiters everywhere grapple with new challenges, continued commercial success will require improved efficiency, heightened resilience, smarter tactics plus inspired strategic vision. And recruiters who try to achieve all this on their own, have zero chance of holding out against a determined crew of Pirates.

Our events facilitate close peer-to-peer support and hyper-productive collaboration – accelerating innovation and driving the evolution of recruitment. Because now more than ever, only the fittest will thrive.

All events are chaired by one of RDLC’s two co-founders, with Chatham House Rules in place at all times. So whatever’s shared by the crew, stays with the crew.

Events Videos

These videos will show you how powerful, friendly and supportive our events are. Whether it’s one of our Super Lunches or our world-famous Ibiza conference, you can see why our members value a packed calendar of events.