Don’t Be The Invisible Man

invisible man

Don’t Be The Invisible Man

invisible man

As I developed my career, I recognised the importance of not being invisible. I wanted people to notice me.

Proving I was more than just a sales machine put my career on roids. It made me a first amongst equals, which meant my name would be the first suggestion whenever an opportunity arose. 

How did I get there? By doing one thing brilliantly every day. It’s a mantra I still live by today, as should you.

Set yourself apart in business

Perform a single, unique achievement each day and you’ll soon stand out in the business community. This can be a small gesture, or something really remarkable. Just by reaching out to someone in need, you can make a huge difference. 

Drop everything to help a mate get a deal over the line. Plan and execute a call most couldn’t or build a blueprint that improves everyone’s day-to-day work. Be the person that’s always giving, and everyone will go the extra mile for you. 

Measure your success in favours not finances. They’ll put a rocket under your career and can be pulled in whenever you need them.

Set an example for your team

Need a team that’ll work tirelessly when the going gets tough? You’ve got to be known for helping others. But you aren’t going to build a culture if you’re only seen as a walking wallet. That’s just as bad as being invisible.

Unite staff to a cause by stirring up excitement with incentives. Or even just take someone for a pint – I do this as often as I can to get a full picture of my people.

Do one thing brilliantly every day, and you’ll build trust by demonstrating your commitment. People will do for you as you do for them – so show them what that is.

commitment. People will do for you as you do for them – so show them what that is.

Where the RDLC can help

People who ask “what’s in it for me?” offer nothing to a team. They are unremarkable through their lack of contribution. If you want your career to stand out, then you as an individual have to stand out.

Whether through impromptu calls or working harder than everyone else, you need loyalty. If you want your business to thrive, cultivate a group of like-minded, passionate team members.

At the RDLC, we help business leaders by using peer-to-peer collaborative thinking. Want to learn how to do something brilliant every day? Email me at and start being recognised for what you do differently.

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