How do we inspire people to be superhuman at work? Short of buying them a cape, spandex and a steroid injection, the answer may be unclear at first. That’s why held a themed super lunch event earlier this year, putting Psychology at Work in the spotlight. We’ve pulled together a five-strong speaker list from all walks of corporate life, to help you understand how to get the best from your team.


My 16-year-old recently started a psychology group at boarding school. Her friends get together and talk about derangement, strange motivations, and ‘potentially’ criminal ambition. Which are all traits, you might say, that a teenager is familiar with. 

Lifestyle Or Legacy? Pt. 3: Keeping Up The Momentum

A lot of people I work with can’t wait to have a business where they don’t have to go in on a Friday. “At what point can I start to ease off?” they ask. My heart sinks: recruiters with this mentality are never going to move beyond a lifestyle business. 

Building a legacy gets harder, not easier. But it should also get more rewarding at every milestone. After all, if you don’t enjoy your business more than everyone else put together, why on earth would people come and work for you?

Go Niche or Go Home. Fame Is the Aim in Recruitment

Everyone tells you to be niche. Not everyone takes the time to explain what this means or how far you should go in practice. Having strict discipline about your markets is imperative if you want to grow fast, especially as the recruitment sector becomes even more saturated and squeezed.

Level Up! how to build succession by delegating early

Too many leaders find it difficult to explain themselves clearly and pass on responsibility with confidence. As a result, they end up being the limiter to their own business. It’s a bad coach that says if a job’s worth doing, do it yourself. Why? Because if you skill your people up and delegate early, you’ll make them feel embedded in your business and ultimately build a succession plan.

There’s no ‘I’ in team. But there are three in millionaire

If you’re running your own company, you’ve already demonstrated that you have the guts to stand up and make tough calls. Building a strong team is important, but your business isn’t a commune where people put tents up and a committee decides your fate. You need to look after your commercial interests.

What’s your business famous for?

Everyone knows what an elevator pitch is. But does your recruitment business have one that’s meaningful? One that you’re proud of? One that anyone knows or uses?
A lot of businesses talk about developing their ‘stories’. All try to define themselves through a commitment to the three core things: