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Paul Waters Associates are the UK reps for SPQ*GOLD, a sales profiling tool which measures a person's level of comfort, appetite and clarity around the vital BD aspect of the Consultant role.

Using it at hiring stage avoids expensive mistakes.

For each test, Paul Waters Associates provide the full SPQ*GOLD summary Graphical Report detailing all 21 SPQ*GOLD scales as well as the overall SPQ*ASSIST summary report.

This also includes a full, manually written interpretation and ongoing verbal support by us, for £142.50 + VAT per test.

There are no other costs involved in using these tests.

Their new SPQ*GOLD sales assessment is used by 200+ recruitment businesses in the UK. It is designed to pick up that critical and hard to gauge area in a potential internal hire, i.e. WILL THEY SELL? – in other words, regardless of how impressive the person seems at interview, will they bring enough resilience, commitment and comfort to the vital day-in, day-out proactive opportunity creating aspect of a bd, resourcing or 360 role?
You’ll find a more detailed description of SPQ*GOLD on and testimonials on Dominic's LinkedIn page. All reports are accompanied by their additional manually written interpretation, where they consider the person’s job history, current circumstances and the nature of the recruitment role they are applying for so that they can apply extra context to the results. Dominic and his team are also on hand to talk through every report to make sure that the hiring managers engage with the results - and make use of them not only at interview but as an ongoing management aid should the person be hired.

They are happy to run a free first SPQ assessment for all RDLC Members to try it out. Members can then take advantage of a special ongoing rate of £142.50+VAT (usually £182.50+VAT) for each SPQ*GOLD report, including our additional personalised written interpretation and unlimited phone support. There are no other costs involved in using these tests – you simply use them on an ad hoc, PAYG basis – i.e. no subscription, licensing etc. and you don’t need any accreditation as they interpret the tests for you.

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07884 187447
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A discount of £40 per test on the rack rate.
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Dominic Waters -