Whatever happened to the cheeky top billing recruiter…?!

In some unguarded and honest chatter about office space, contracts and costs, I was reminded of a renewables business I had in one of the locations being mentioned that I shared with the members (it wasn’t a glorious success that’s for sure). Without missing a heartbeat one of the Recruitment CEO’s cheekily pitches me “got […]

Running a Recruitment Business can often feel a little precarious…

When it’s all going well, it’s great, but all too quickly, one wrong move or lack of concentration can be extremely hazardous. I’ve been reminded recently just how easy it is for an #RBL to take their focus off of the job at hand and how fast things change. Complacency, distractions, sickness, tiredness and boredom […]

10 pointers from the RDLC for selling your business!

Each business is different, but most of you want to see a future event that secures you financially.  So, here’s a simple guidance document from the RDLC to help save you some pain and maximise your gain! 1. Plan Who is going to buy your business? Why would they buy your company? Do you want […]