Adjust Your Approach To New Landscapes

approach to new landscapes

Adjust Your Approach To New Landscapes

approach to new landscapes

Have you noticed lately that your speccing response in decline?  Have you wondered why that is?

If you’re on point and placing candidates, not just filling jobs, then working CV’s properly is a killer skill.  Here’s what it should look like (we wish):

Get a CV on Monday – 3 or 4 1st interviews on Tuesday.  Get a CV on Weds – 3 or 4 1st interviews on Thursday 

(Don’t get me started about Fridays again but 8 1st perm interviews at today’s 3½ – 4 interviews per deal and they can have some time off early!)

Back to working a CV / “great candidate”, by this I mean you need to send it to:

·      All of the live jobs

·      All of the old jobs

·      Every client within a 30-mile radius… search and fire!  

I’ll come back to what you should be doing on the phone in a bit, bear with me caller!

So how to make this shamazing candidate “pop”.  Sexied up candidate profiles… they used to work but they don’t seem to have the same effect any more…

Let’s look at why:

  1. 1000’s of people are doing the same thing
  2. Clients don’t believe it’s a real person any more
  3. You have zero intel on the target clients, and you are coming across as a CV jockey 
  4. You’re cutting and pasting from a CV so you’re adding zero value (and letting the agile IR’s steal your talent)
  5. Your system is clunky and all your efforts and getting fire-walled 

I think we’re all agreed that video is a better way to pitch a candidate, but a bad video will give you zero % return – so you really need to govern these.  Oh boy, have I seen some rubbish videos? (Not everyone has my natural screen presence you know! Nudge nudge!)

The truth is you need to know the candidate beyond the CV, to understand how they will add value and make a difference, after all this is what will enable you to sell them in! And as for selling – your people aren’t on the phones enough or doing it well enough, if at all, chasing down those clients to get that interview for your dream boat candidate.

One call is worth 86 specs!  And here is why your sub 2-year recruiters aren’t making calls… you’re not making them knowledgeable about their market!

I feel the general lack of insight from recruiters when it comes to their own market patch, the lack of knowledge of types of client who are, or would be, doing similar projects is a worry!  If recruiters are really on point, they know the right people off the top of their head, they can cross reference, or name drop, other projects within the industry.  They know exactly what to say to get engagement; what messages will work, the triggers and the points of reference.  They are talking business to people and have the gravitas afforded by their market knowledge – they are not just pushing candidates.  Being a business partner – not a sales person.

Are you investing in education?

·      Getting techies in talking about their products

·      Getting CTOs talking about their issues and project types

·      Contractors updating you on what’s going on

No?  I did that on my watch!

What’s bloody obvious is that there are the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in the Recruitment space right now!  Some brands are being left behind by not adapting, by regurgitating the same old things but just saying it louder than before!

The smart brigade is harnessing new tech and learning about their markets in order to truly stand out! So…

·      Work every candidate

·      Call the clients you know the candidate will add value to

·      Don’t hide behind email

·      Know your market

·      Evolve

Happy hunting!

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