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Right Strategy 

To some extent every business owners has a strategy but some are way better than others. At the RDLC we celebrate the radically different approaches members are taking to attack these times of unparalleled change, because we feel it’s our task to make sure these plans are built out of solid knowledge and accurate intel. And to help refine and build them out by offering:

  • Comparative 'real' trends, insights and data
  • Honest advice from people who have – or are – doing it
  • Operational input to turn plans into action
  • Short cuts and best-practice advice from respected peers
  • Financial advice across the whole plan, including forecasting and raising finance


"Most business leaders are consumed by their own business and very rarely lift their head about the parapet to see how the outside world are performing. The RDLC has given recruitment leaders the vehicle to do this along with sharing ideas and best practice. Sharing each others' thoughts while supporting each other in an open forum. The single goal to support each other and enable each one of us to be better."

Darren Mills, CEO, IT Works Resource Group 


 Right Info  

The RDLC is an information-rich environment. 

With over 200 members, 70 suppliers and the ultimate network of advisors across all of the business and professional services disciplines our members have every possible comparison data they could wish for.

It’s important to know what good looks like, what average costs are, what activities are achievable as well as what buyers like and don’t like today! We help you look after performance, bottom line and shareholder value.                                                                             


"ISL recruitment have been members of the RDLC for about 18 months and found it extremely useful on a number of fronts. Most importantly to us the peer to peer knowledge sharing but also on the cost savings they have helped us make with key suppliers and introducing to new tools and suppliers that have helped us improve our business."

Henry Keeys, MD, ISL


 Right Tools

The recruitment industry is inundated with tools and services. Choosing the right tools, buying them at the best price and using them effectively can transform your business, giving you a vital competitive advantage. With RDLC, you'll achieve all of this and more:

  • The RDLC have worked with members to do significant due diligence (DD) on all of the possible tools and services available, to provide over 70 partner suppliers with exceptional deals exclusively for our Members
  • We have a unique relationship with suppliers in which they develop products in line with our needs, at shared costs, giving members a huge advantage
  • We help to educate our members to fully incorporate and use the tools and services available as well as both save and make money in doing so
  • We also offer our members deals covering every aspect of business including travel, HR systems, bespoke training, venue hire and finance, along with club membership discounts.


"Being a member of the RDLC gives us a great support network and a platform to share experiences and new ideas with other like-minded and collaborative recruiters.

Our membership has provided us with advice and support to enable us to make a number of positive changes to the structure and day-to-day running of the company and has resulted in a number of cost savings with existing suppliers through the negotiations that Gary and Dean do on the RDLC’s behalf."

Mark Baker, CEO, Claremont Consulting


 Right Attitude

Let's face it, running a recruitment business is tough. It can take a toll on your spirits, personal life and self-belief. This is no good for you or your staff. The RDLC has been designed by recruitment leaders for recruitment leaders, to give them the support network they need. We pride ourselves on our: 

  • Openness: Engaging openly amongst like-minded, ambitious people generates an increased resolve and motivation along with the confidence to make the tough calls when required.
  • Honesty: We raise expectations through sharing stories and being honest with each other. Often, recognising personal faults or business strategies that aren't working, can prompt a change for the better.
  • Success: Most importantly, our support will help you build a business to be proud of. 

Overall by being part of the community you will love your company more and enjoy what you do more than ever before, your energy levels and appetite to take on bigger challenges will increase. By engaging with great, welcoming people and sharing war stories you will feel part of something special and you will just do better #FACT

"At first joining the RDLC was a lovely opportunity to reignite some very special friendships that had been forged over many years of my recruitment life

What soon became evident was the value and ROI I was getting from invaluable advice from peers who  were experiencing similar issues

We have a special bond, we are proud to be Pirates, we share info"

John Morse, MD, ERG


Contact Us:
Email: rebecca@rdlcpirates.com

Phone: 07387024033

54 Clarendon Rd, Watford WD17 1DU 

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