Running a business can be lonely, even when there’s more than one of you. You just don’t know what you don’t know!

Scaling, expansion, finance, legal, banking, services, support, technology, training… whatever you need to be great, we can help:

  1. Support – tools, information, training, coaching, CPD, community
  2. Respect – understanding unique goals and choices, helping each member to achieve their dream
  3. Trust – information and guidance, not telling and directing, knowing each member has the ability to be amazing with the right freedoms of choice, processes and knowledge. That’s why they do what they do.

Community Communications

24/7/365 Community Communication.

Our specialised ‘WhatsApp’ groups cover every service and geographic specific, within the group.  Recruitment doesn’t sleep and neither do our communication channels. There isn’t a question, process or challenge that can’t be answered. Legal, marketing, US, Europe, Finance, commissions and communications…If you can think of it, its covered in one of our 30+ groups, all of which are monitored by a field expert.

Where else can you get open honest answers from your peers in the UK, US, Asia, Australia and the Middle East within a 12-hour period?

Remember, sharing is caring!

Market Place

The RDLC are the number one stop for all recruitment services providers and we ensure we leverage the total buying power so the smallest to the largest all get the best on class –

  • We have the best deals in the sector –  FACT
  • We get the best deals, first – FACT
  • We remove suppliers if service levels drop – FACT

Every member of the RDLC has saved their membership many times over from savings on just one supplier… FACT!

Document Vault

You rarely know that you’ll need a framework, proposal or legal document in advance. The client offers work on the Monday and wants paperwork by Tuesday.

Over the last few years are members have contributed every document known to recruitment, with variations on each and every one. Not only has this helped the network to move faster than external peers, but it has also saved them many thousands of pounds in fees.

It really is a treasure chest for the growth recruiter!


As the names suggest, we do lunch with recruitment directors, but that’s not all!

On average we have 3-4 fine dining lunches per month, all within your membership.

To ensure that everyone gets the most from their attendance, the events differ in size, subject and location.

  • Sub 15 for those with 1-15 consultants
  • Main Group – from start-ups to PLC
  • London, Manchester, Bristol & Birmingham
  • Speaker Lunches – discussion and debate with experts, MPs and keynotes
  • Super Lunches – 4-6 expert speakers on a chosen topic
  • Webinars and live streams

To add to this already packed agenda, we like to take our events to another level. Every year we have an amazing Awards gala In January, our Summer party in July and the phenomenal 3-day Ibiza conference at the end of September. To finish off we take over Battersea Evolution for the biggest Christmas party in recruitment!

Business Health Check

Every new members gets a 90 min Business Health Check as they join. This covers the corporate and operational structure, front, middle and back office, SPAM (Story, Plan, Alignment and Management).

eBook Guides

Just to make life easier and to ensure you always have a reference guide to your expansion. We worked with the leading experts in several areas to build out a specific e-guide to your next million in turnover.

  • Launching in the USA
  • Building and scaling a world class Contract Business
  • Start-up bible

These guides are available to members long before they are used as marketing tools. Click icon for your copy:

Test the temperature

Every new member gets a business health check and from there we can advise on where to get the quickest wins and where to fill the gaps.

It’s just the dip of a toe before you dive on in!

CONQUER THE USA Guide for European Recruitment Business Leaders

The Ultimate Guide to Contracts To Build your business