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Being part of the RDLC means that first and foremost you are now not alone! It’s hard running a Recruitment Business and having somewhere to go where you can measure your ideas, gauge performance, ratify decisions and generally be supported and inspired must be a good thing. The RDLC offers you – the person where the buck stops – this and lots, lots more...


24/7/365 “ALWAYS ON” Community Communication

Via 27 (today and growing) Specific What’s App Groups, each headed by a Subject Matter Expert, there isn’t a question or challenge you won’t get an immediate answer to; most often from the peer group you trust most.

From Law to Marketing and Reward Schemes to 4-day week initiatives we’ve got unparalleled intel on it all.


RDLC - THE preferred choice channel for suppliers to the Recruitment Sector.

The RDLC are extremely proud to be the ONLY network for RBL’s where members enjoy on average an ROI of 1027%. Miles ahead of the rest...!

This means by joining you will be saving money from year 1 and more year after year!

With most members engaging with 7 supplier/affiliate partners annually.

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The Prized Documents Vault

Under the headings in this info graphic, we have 100’s of documents generated from members over our first 5 years!

As tendering, compliance and contract agreements etc, etc have become more complicated we’ve managed to, in part “share” the cost burden so new members can tap into £1000’s worth of legal investment 

Having the ability to cruise through the documents alone prompts inspiration in terms of staff, welfare, BD, drivers, reporting etc etc

It really is a treasure chest!

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As our name would suggest we enjoy monthly “Lunch Clubs”

in fact we are hosting up to 3 a month excluding August & December for obvious reasons. 

We have a variety of formats and groups to please everyone:

  • Sub 15 (for the smaller groups)
  • Main Group for all 
  • Regional lunches Manchester, Bristol & Birmingham
  • Subject specific with experts
  • Subject agnostic, our “Open Mic sessions”
  • Super Lunches with multiple Subject Matter Experts
  • Master Classes (the paid for events run for us but external advisories)
  • Free Webinars
  • THE annual conference (the world's best recruitment learning event in Ibiza in September)

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We draw together the best advisors to contribute to our “Ultimate Guide To....” programme. With the RDLC network influence, we can pull together unparalleled intelligence on how to do things for example:

  • Launching in the USA
  • Building and scaling a world class Contract Business

These guides are available to members long before they are used as marketing tools. Click icon for your copy:



Every new members gets a 90 min Business Health Check as they join.

This covers the corporate and operational structure, front, middle and back office, SPAM (Story, Plan, Alignment and Management) and gives the new members a chance to consider where in the journey they are and what next plus what help they might need.


Contact Us:
Email: rebecca@rdlcpirates.com

Phone: 07387024033

54 Clarendon Rd, Watford WD17 1DU 

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